We believe in open communication and a level playing field in everything we do, so here are some frequently asked questions about how we work with our clients and how we define and provide our services. We work in all media and are brand and print design specialists.

Q: How do you work with your clients?
A: We believe your team and ours are working together to achieve your goals.
We look at it this way. On large projects, we’ll use our complete toolbox and talent roster to build your brand or website or communications campaign. But we know there are times when you only need a certain service out of the many we provide. We’re happy to work on any of these briefs, bringing our expertise and insight to the party, every time.
We offer a range of services that are available individually or combined, as your project demands. All work is estimated and approved before we go to work. Unless the scope of the project changes midstream, we bill to estimate.
Our services include:
  • Branding, brand design and brand application
  • Creative and marketing strategy
  • Storytelling
  • Graphic design and illustration
  • Writing, editing and wordsmithing
  • Video design and production
  • Project management and budgeting
  • Final production across all media
Q: How do you approach branding, brand design and brand application?
A: It depends on your budget and project scope.
Branding and brand design includes:
  • Initial discovery process and full design exploration, based on client input and research.
  • Refinement of up to three selected concepts for review.
  • Final concept selection and design refinement.
  • Rendering of final art in the appropriate media.
  • Production of digital files in the preferred formats.
The application of brand designs to corporate, media, marketing and other materials is additional. Brand application can be included as part of the initial brand design project or handled as separate projects.
Q: Why is creative and marketing strategy so important – can’t I just wing it?
A: Because every journey needs a road map to reach its destination.
We believe in the power of a good story and how it can compel people to change — transferring their loyalty to a new brand or service or product. We work with you to define your objectives and fashion a game plan, using tools like discovery, research and dialog. We’ll offer realistic assessments of your budget and goals to winnow the useful from the chaff. Then we bring our experience to bear on building a solid platform for your creative and marketing effort.
Addressing this work at the beginning of a project maximizes your budget and results in a more focused and effective execution.
Q: Why combine graphic design and illustration?
A: Because sometimes you can’t have one without the other.
And sometimes you can. We have a reputation for defining what is appropriate and then striving for what stands out. One project may demand a strong visual solution through photography or illustration. Another could require a reserved, conservative approach. We aim to find the best way to tell the story.
Graphic Design work includes:
  • Initial discovery to provide the framework and scope for the project.
  • Design exploration of concept options, color palettes and imagery for review.
  • Refinement of selected concept and application to full project scope.
  • Upon approval of design concepts, final art is produced for the appropriate media, based on vendor specifications.
  • Final production materials are proofed, reviewed and sent to the vendor. One set of reasonable revisions is included in the estimate.
Q: Writing, editing and wordsmithing — what’s the difference?
A: A lot.
Copywriting is creative writing and storytelling. It’s like graphic design with words. We’ve known designers that never read the copy, and copywriters that think design is mere decoration. We think they make a perfect marriage and respect both sides of the aisle.
  • We offer original copywriting services, including copy for print and web, headlines, brand promises, taglines, ad campaigns and complete publications.
Editing requires a critical eye for grammar and a focus on structure to bring out the best in written words. Even great authors and power point producers need a strong editor.
  • We provide editing services for writers, producers, executives, consultants authors and presenters, among others.
Wordsmithing is the talent that brings forth the music and meaning of another writer’s work through decisive editing and revision.
  • We provide wordsmithing for writers, producers, executives, authors, consultants and presenters, among others.
Q: What is your experience in video production?
A: From simple to complex.
Video covers a broad range of genres from simple “How to” demos to full-blown commercial production. Over the years, we have done them and everything in between. Rather than list all the moving parts involved in video production, suffice it say we can field a full team of producers, videographers, editors and creative talent that will make your message, product or service stand out in the crowd.
Our experience includes:
  • Commercials
  • Infomercials
  • Corporate presentations
  • Press and product releases
  • How-to videos
  • Product Demonstrations
  • Non-profit appeals
Q: How do you define project management?
A: A watchful eye and proactive administration.
About the worst thing that can happen to any project is loss of focus on the details, however small. Costs, schedules, budgets, deadlines and more can suddenly go awry if you’re not watching them carefully. It’s our mantra to identify and manage the large parts and the small parts so they all contribute to a successful whole.
Q: What does final production entail?
A: Crunch time.
Final production is the culmination of every project. After the creative process yields concepts, direction and content, its time to produce the final product. It’s time to carefully inspect, refine and adapt the creative effort to the requirements of the appropriate media involved. It’s crunch time and we take the responsibility very seriously.
Why not consider us for your next project? We are happy to provide an estimate at no obligation for your review. For more information about our services, please get in touch via email at Info@dowlingandweldon.com